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Liberty Copper

5 oz Copper Bar - Pisces

5 oz Copper Bar - Pisces

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The Pisces 1 oz copper round features the astrological sign of two fish intertwined in a circle, symbolizing the beginning and end of all things. The detailed design is a beautiful way to commemorate this powerful symbol in a timeless piece of art that you can keep forever.

Pisces are one of the most mysterious signs of the zodiac, and this enigmatic water sign has a lot to offer! Those born under the Pisces sign are intuitive, compassionate, and gentle souls who often come across as being wise beyond their years. There's something special about them that sets them apart from other signs; their creative spark is undeniable, and they often have an air of spiritual insight about them.

Pisceans tend to be deeply emotional beings who can easily empathize with others and offer up heartfelt advice. They're known for having an instinctive understanding of life’s deeper truths, which makes it easy for them to get in touch with their inner selves. They also have a natural ability to tap into the collective energy around them - whether it’s looking into another person’s soul or understanding what lies on a higher plane.

  • Precious Metal - Copper
  • Metal Content - 5 oz
  • Purity - .999 Fine
  • Condition - New
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