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Liberty Copper

5 oz Copper Bar - Aries

5 oz Copper Bar - Aries

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 Featuring a beautiful and intricate design with the iconic symbol of the Aries ram at its center, this unique coin will look great in any collection.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is known to be a fire sign. People born under Aries tend to be adventurous, brave, and energetic. Represented by the ram, this sign is associated with boldness and confidence - qualities that are often necessary for tackling life’s many challenges!

If you know an Aries in your life, you’ll likely recognize their independent spirit and strong leadership. They live their lives on their own terms and can usually find creative solutions to everyday problems. And when it comes to relationships, they don’t shy away from expressing themselves honestly; Aries individuals value communication above all else.

The power of Aries lies in its ability to take risks without fear; it’s no wonder why so many people born under this sign go on to achieve great things!

  • Precious Metal - Copper
  • Metal Content - 5 oz
  • Purity - .999 Fine
  • Condition - New
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