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Liberty Copper

5 oz Copper Bar - Aquarius

5 oz Copper Bar - Aquarius

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Aquarius is the eleventh astrological sign in the zodiac and represents the water bearer. It's ruled by Uranus, which makes Aquarius an unpredictable and unpredictable group of people! These individuals are known for being independent, creative, and progressive thinkers who often challenge social norms.

Aquarians tend to be natural trailblazers who never hesitate to march to their own beat. They are incredibly intellectual and often have a deep understanding of human nature that allows them to bring out the best in those around them. Their strong sense of justice also leads many Aquarians to fight for social causes they believe in with passion.

At their core, Aquarius values friendship and loyalty above all else. For those born under this sign, relationships matter deeply; they will go above and beyond for those closest to them without hesitation or question.

  • Precious Metal - Copper
  • Metal Content - 5 oz
  • Purity - .999 Fine
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