The Fascinating History of Incuse Indian Coins

The Fascinating History of Incuse Indian Coins

I was so excited as I walked into the coin shop for the first time, hoping to purchase my very first incuse Indian gold coin. After browsing around and admiring all of the different coins, I finally saw it! A 1908 2.5 cent Incuse Indian coin. It was an outstanding coin. That was the first time I've ever held one. Since then, I've been hooked on Historic American coins!

The incuse Indian design is a historic and iconic feature on American coins. Dating back to the early 20th century, this unique design has been sought after by coin collectors and enthusiasts alike. The incuse Indian design is not only significant for its aesthetic appeal but also for its cultural significance and historical context.

The image of an American Indian in profile with feathers in their hair was first introduced on the U.S. $5 gold piece in 1908 by sculptor Bela Lyon Pratt. Unlike traditional coin designs where the image is raised, the incuse Indian design features a sunken or indented image, giving it a distinctive look that sets it apart from other coins of its time.

President Theodore Roosevelt commissioned sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens to create a new design for the $10 gold coin. The artist drew inspiration from ancient Greek coins which used an incuse technique, where the image was carved into the surface rather than raised from it.


In conclusion, Incuse Indian coins are some of the most sought-after coins among collectors. The rarity and historical significance of these coins have made them extremely valuable in today's market. Prices for Incuse Indian coins can vary widely depending on the condition, year, and mint mark. It is always recommended to consult with a professional coin dealer or appraiser to determine an accurate value for your collection.

Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting out, investing in Incuse Indian coins can be a wise decision that will provide both personal satisfaction and potential financial gain. Don't hesitate to explore the world of coin collecting and add these unique pieces of history to your collection today.


Liberty Copper is proud to offer a tribute to the iconic Incuse Indian coin. Our 1 oz copper Incuse is designed with precision and attention to detail, capturing the essence of this piece of American history. With its striking design and exceptional quality, this coin will leave you stunned.

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If you're looking for an investment that's both valuable and visually stunning, look no further than Liberty Copper's 1 oz copper Incuse. This piece pays homage to one of America's most beloved coins while also offering excellent value for your money.

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