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Zeus 1 Pound Titanium Art Bar | Greek Gods

Zeus 1 Pound Titanium Art Bar | Greek Gods

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Zeus, the Greek god of the sky and ruler of Mount Olympus, is one of the most famous characters in mythology. Known for his mischievous behavior and thunderbolt wielding power, he has been a part of culture for centuries. Not only is Zeus well-known for his dominance over other gods but his influence has also created an enduring legacy throughout literature and art.

Zeus' character appears in multiple ancient texts such as Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, Hesiod's Theogony, and Apollodorus' Library. He is commonly depicted with a thunderbolt in hand; representing his power over lightning, storms and other elements connected to the sky. His immense strength was often used to overthrow enemies or protect those loyal to him; making him one of the most powerful gods in mythology!

This titanium bar is CP Grade 1 titanium art bar. This is the perfect gift for anyone who really appreciates titanium. They are absolutely beautiful! This titanium bar would be wonderful to display in your home or office, or perhaps you could keep them locked away with your other precious metals.

Key Features:

  • 1 Pound of CP Grade 1 titanium
  • Shiny finish
  • Zeus Design
  • Liberty Titanium

The reverse side is left blank.

Titanium is resistant to corrosion and has a strong strength to density ratio which makes it a popular choice for aerospace parts and military hardware. It is also used in the auto industry, farming, and the medical field for implants. It is also resistant to seawater which makes it useful in marine parts.

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