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Titan Gods Lot of 10 1 Pound - One lb. Titanium Art Bar | Liberty Titanium

Titan Gods Lot of 10 1 Pound - One lb. Titanium Art Bar | Liberty Titanium

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Limited Edition!
This is an opportunity to get your hands on the first ever Titan God Series exclusively released by Liberty Titanium.
The Titans are a pantheon of gods from Greek mythology that predate the Olympians. They were believed to have been the first divine rulers of the world and were worshiped by ancient cultures for their power and strength. From Zeus, Poseidon, Hades and Hera to Demeter and Hestia, these powerful deities played an integral role in Greek mythology.
Titans have captivated our imaginations since time immemorial with tales of their great strength and wisdom. Stories of their adventures have been passed down through generations inspiring awe-inspiring films such as 'Clash of The Titans' and 'Percy Jackson'. They are among some of the most iconic figures in all mythology!

These gods hold strong symbolic meaning - from family ties to loyalty - which still resonate today.
You will receive all 10 designs.
Get yours today before they are out!

This titanium bar is CP Grade 1 titanium. This is the perfect gift for anyone who really appreciates titanium. They are absolutely beautiful! This titanium bar would be wonderful to display in your home or office, or perhaps you could keep them locked away with your other precious metals.

Key Features:

  • 1 Pound of CP Grade 1 titanium
  • Shiny finish
  • All 10 Designs in the Titan Gods Series
  • Liberty Titanium
  • Limited Edition

The reverse side is left blank.

Titanium is resistant to corrosion and has a strong strength to density ratio which makes it a popular choice for aerospace parts and military hardware. It is also used in the auto industry, farming, and the medical field for implants. It is also resistant to seawater which makes it useful in marine parts.

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