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Liberty Copper

Second Amendment Bullet Pack Copper and Titanium Bullion

Second Amendment Bullet Pack Copper and Titanium Bullion

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Do you support the second amendment and believe in the right to bear arms?

Liberty Copper is excited to offer you a variety of high-quality ammunition and accessories. Included in this package are two 1 kilo auto cannon .999 fine solid copper bullets, five 4 oz titanium BMGs with unique laser-etched phrases such as Don't Tread on Me and Live Free or Die. Additionally, you will receive three 5 oz copper cubes and two 5 oz copper bars.
All items in this collection embody the spirit of liberty and freedom, making them perfect for firearms enthusiasts who value their Second Amendment rights. These bullion products are crafted with the utmost precision and care to ensure top-notch quality. With a focus on durability and design, these items serve as both collector's pieces and practical ammunition for those who cherish their right to bear arms.

By obtaining this set, you are not only expressing your support for the Second Amendment but also acquiring timeless pieces that commemorate our cherished freedoms. Whether displayed proudly or used responsibly, these items effectively convey an unwavering commitment to upholding our constitutional rights.

Liberty Copper takes pride in our unique designs with the latest laser-etching technology, ensuring high-quality collectible metals for enthusiasts, crafters, collectors, and anyone seeking to diversify their metal portfolio at fair market prices. Our products are all privately minted in the USA to maintain stringent quality control and produce 999 Fine Copper Bullion. By leveraging innovative techniques and skilled craftsmanship, we strive to offer a wide range of beautifully designed and meticulously produced pieces that reflect our dedication to excellence.

Each item is imbued with intricate details and exceptional craftsmanship that sets them apart as valuable additions to any collection or investment portfolio. Whether you're a collector, investor or hobbyist, we aim to provide premium products that stand out for their artistry and value. With a commitment to delivering exquisite designs made from the finest materials, every piece is a testament to our passion for producing superior metals that exceed expectations.

  • 1 - 5 oz Liberty Copper Bar
  • 1 - 5 oz Don't Tread on me Copper Bar
  • 2 -1 kilo (35 oz) of Pure .999 Copper Auto Cannons
  • 5 - Solid Titanium BMGs with 2nd Amendment phrases
  • 3 - 5 oz copper cubes
  • Laser etched.


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loyd mccomb

Good products, good customer service