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Retro Boombox Design 1 Pound Titanium Bar - Art Bar | Retro Titanium

Retro Boombox Design 1 Pound Titanium Bar - Art Bar | Retro Titanium

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This Beautiful Titanium bar is the 2nd of the Retro Titanium Series. The art on the bar brings back the "80's" feel. This is perfect for any collector who remembers when portable boombox's gained popularity. This titanium bar is CP Grade 1 titanium and etched onto it a retro style boombox.

The 80's was a decade that will always be remembered for its classic music, fashion and booming technologies. One of the most iconic technologies of this era was the boombox. With its huge speakers, sleek design, and portable size, the boombox became an instant hit with music lovers everywhere.

The boombox quickly became a must-have accessory for young people in the 80's. It allowed them to take their favorite music with them wherever they went and share it with others. The sound quality was unparalleled, making it perfect for house parties or outdoor events.

However, as popular as they were in their day, boomboxes gradually lost their popularity with the rise of newer technologies like mp3 players and smartphones.


This is the perfect gift for anyone who really appreciates titanium. They are absolutely beautiful! This titanium bar would be wonderful to display in your home or office, or perhaps you could keep them locked away with your other precious metals.


Key Features:

  • 1 Pound of CP Grade 1 titanium
  • Retro Boombox is etched into the bar
  • Shiny finish
  • Art Bar
  • Collectable
  • 2nd in the series

 The reverse side is left blank.

 Titanium is resistant to corrosion and has a strong strength to density ratio which makes it a popular choice for aerospace parts and military hardware. It is also used in the auto industry, farming, and the medical field for implants. It is also resistant to seawater which makes it useful in marine parts.

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