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Dionysus 1 Pound Titanium Art Bar | Greek Gods

Dionysus 1 Pound Titanium Art Bar | Greek Gods

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Dionysus is a powerful figure in Greek mythology who has captivated the public's imagination for centuries. Often referred to as the God of Wine and Ecstasy, Dionysus is known for his chaotic nature and ability to bring about joyous celebration among his followers. His presence has been felt throughout many different cultures, including Ancient Indian, Roman, and Egyptian civilizations.

The story of Dionysus begins with his miraculous birth from Zeus and Semele. He was born with extraordinary powers that brought both pleasure and terror wherever he went. As a result of his wild personality, Dionysus often clashed with other gods in Mount Olympus but still managed to maintain some level of respect from them all. He also had a special connection with nature that allowed him to control plants, animals, wine-making processes, fertility rites, and more!


This titanium bar is CP Grade 1 titanium. This is the perfect gift for anyone who really appreciates titanium. They are absolutely beautiful! This titanium bar would be wonderful to display in your home or office, or perhaps you could keep them locked away with your other precious metals.


Key Features:

  • 1 Pound of CP Grade 1 titanium
  • Shiny finish
  • Dionysus Design
  • Liberty Titanium


The reverse side is left blank.


Titanium is resistant to corrosion and has a strong strength to density ratio which makes it a popular choice for aerospace parts and military hardware. It is also used in the auto industry, farming, and the medical field for implants. It is also resistant to seawater which makes it useful in marine parts.

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