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Liberty Copper

5 oz Copper Bar - Gemini

5 oz Copper Bar - Gemini

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Are you a Gemini? If so, you have been endowed with some of the most remarkable traits that exist in any zodiac sign. As a Gemini, you are vibrant, inquisitive and full of life! You possess the gift of communication and an unparalleled ability to adapt. Your charm and wit will win over almost anyone who crosses your path.

Geminis are filled with energy, creativity and enthusiasm. They are always looking for new experiences while continuing to build on past ones. Their curiosity drives them to explore ideas, places and people that they come across in life. Geminis love variety; they enjoy trying different activities and exploring different cultures around the world. They thrive on intellectual stimulation which can lead them down interesting paths!

  • Precious Metal - Copper
  • Metal Content - 5 oz
  • Purity - .999 Fine
  • Condition - New
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