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Liberty Copper

8 oz Copper Bullet BMG

8 oz Copper Bullet BMG

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Presented here is the .50 caliber round 8 oz .999 pure copper bullet. This ammunition played a huge role in the battlefield during World War 1. Though this round has been adopted in platforms such as the 50-caliber sniper rifle over the last century, it remains the backbone of machine gun development and production.

This Copper Bullet makes a great gift for anyone! You can place them on display or keep them locked away with your other precious metals. Copper is a great way to diversify your portfolio.


  • Arrives with an individual plastic bag!
  • Replica of the .50 caliber round!
  • Contains 8 AVDP oz of .999 pure copper.
  • The 8 oz copper bullet accurately reflects the dimensions of a .50 Caliber bullet.
  • These copper bullets are NOT live round.
  • Laser etched

With your purchase of the 8 oz Copper Bullet in this listing, you will receive a pure copper bullet in the shape of a .50 caliber bullet. These copper bullets are the product of a private mint and come with an individual plastic bag for delivery.

Each one of these 8 oz Copper Bullets takes on the exact form and dimensions of a .50 Caliber bullet. Developed for the M2 Browning Machine Gun in 1917, the .50 caliber round is ideal for use in long-range sniper rifles and in the heavy machine guns within the US inventory of arms. Each bullet comes with textured sides and the base has inscriptions of BMG, 8 OZ, .999, and CU.

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Michael Messin

8 oz Copper Bullet BMG

Pirate Stacker
The Best Design!

Amazing copper bullets! This has to be the coolest copper piece in my collection!